Mural Painter Johannah Marie

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface like panels. Johannah Marie’s murals are hand painted in a variety of mediums, using acrylic paint, glazing techniques, decoupage, and vinyl lettering. Today, the beauty of a wall mural has become much more widely available with a technique whereby a painting or photographic image is transferred to poster paper which is then pasted to a wall surface to give the effect of either a hand-painted mural or realistic scene. The styles or applications are only limited to the client and artist imaginations. The personal interaction between client and muralist is often a unique experience for an individual not usually involved in the arts.

Murals are important in that they bring art into the public or private sphere. Due to the size, cost, and work involved in creating a mural, a sponsor must often commission muralists. Often local government or a business, can acquire grant money for community beatification projects. Private commissions can be for office spaces, dining rooms, bathrooms, living rooms or, as is often the case children’s bedrooms. A large hand-painted mural can be custom designed on a specific theme, incorporate personal images and elements and may be altered during the course of painting it.

Contact Artist if your interested in some custom design work or have some ideas you like to talk about. Mobile# 724.993.5929

Johannah Marie mural artist has offered various styles in mural art since 2003.

  • Wall Murals

  • Panel Designs

  • Mixed Media Murals

  • Community Projects

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