Fine Art

Modern Contemporary Artist Johannah Marie

It is my philosophy that art when used as a tool of inspiration can break barriers set up by modern science which may limit our sense of well being. Artist create from a particular zone of the creative process that can in contemporary time; mirror ourselves, our community and the world in general. It is the Artist is domain; within our time slot in history, all which is going to set us apart when the future looks back upon us creatives. As an Artist, it is my job to serve in whatever means possible to create in my community that which inspires people in the world we find ourselves.

Painting is the primary work I chose to express myself and the things that feed my obsessions to create. I find great comfort in my primal need to experience the creative process in many different ways. No matter what medium I may chose to explore, it is a process which consumes me. At times I can lose myself in work and feel more like a channel of spirit in my expressions. I love to paint, draw and play with many art forms to find a style that is unique in a world of so many talented and creative people.

Artistic Mediums and Venues:

  • Oil Paintings
  • Acrylic Works On Paper
  • Printmaking
  • Mixed Media Drawing

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San Jose $1,500.00 USD
Capistrano $1,800.00 USD
Cody Pick Up $900.00 USD
Pop Art $50.00 USD
Abstract Line $45.00 USD


Trycycle $75.00 USD
Mama $45.00 USD
Under Currents $125.00 USD
American Standards $125.00 USD
Shaman $75.00 USD

Buck It $55.00 USD
Horse Of A Different Color $55.00 USD
Self Portrait $35.00 USD
Figure One $35.00 USD
Figure Two $35.00 USD
Figure Three $35.00 USD

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