Custom Interior

Custom Design Projects by Johannah Marie

It was 1986 when I started home restoration work in Midtown Memphis TN. Historical properties were brought back to Historic Paint Colors and original wood surfaces. The Midtown area of Memphis is one of the most unique and diverse parts of Memphis and where people go to find a real and thriving Memphis culture. Overton Park is where I began my art education at Memphis College of Art in 1986. Restoration projects for showcase homes in the area provide ample experience in the vintage village nestled in the heart of Memphis Tennessee.

During the mid 90’s, I started a residential custom interior painting business as a sub contractor. Dynamic color arrangements with accented walls, trim and textured walls were quiet popular at the time. Refurbishing an out dated decor in residential homes brought new life into a clients home and/or work spaces. Refinishing furniture pieces by adding distressed, faux or custom surfaces and designs just became part of any normal project of custom interiors. Recycling furniture into new and more contemporary finishes like a black walnut wash with new fixtures, saved clients money within their budget in the long run.

Currently, Johannah Marie offers special and individualized custom interior projects for customers wanting to upgrade living and work areas. Each project is carefully research and organized by Johannah Marie to meet the customers desired environment for color, texture and design. Contact Artist if your interested in some custom design work or have some ideas you like to talk about. Mobile# 724.993.5929

Faux Painting Techniques, Texture & Project Ideas:

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