August Poem Published For Robin

Dark Cold Waters

Dead men walk in the dark of night
Songs echo off a river’s side
Why so many dark days go bye
There’s a man in the red bar light
Singing the blues as I pass by
It gives me pause as he spoke his name
Sick in my mind they can never see.

Its like cold water takes your breath away
Or wild winds whirling won’t set you free
As dark cold waters will pull you down
Baby the sadness pours round me
Like waves breaking upon the shore
Breaking me down for they can’t see

Strange people are talking all over town
Look what the new girl thinks she found
Stupid ole lies only they believe
The foolish worlds we all can create
Go spread your poison or feed your sin
I got no shame about where I been.

It’s like when cold water takes your breath away
And a wild wind won’t set you free
The dark cold water will pull you down
When the power of sadness is around
Waves will break upon the shore
Then wash out to sea they will never know

A music man fed my sicken soul
The River kept me now it’s time to go
Made it back from dark demon sleep
The sickness won’t fade my love away.

It’s like cold waters pouring all over me
As wild winds whirling won’t set you free
Slowly my breath fades without a sound
Deep cold waters just push me around
Baby there’s too much water for me
Waves are breaking I see the shore
Breaking down walls I’ve not seen before.

But For The Grace Of God Go I…2014 copyright Johannah Marie @ TAZ Design Studios

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